Join Our Team

If you:

  • Are dissatisfied with your current income limitations.
  • Wish you could spend more time doing what YOU want to.
  • Would love to have a side business that you could grow into a full time income.
  • Want to be around more positive people.
  • Want to have a social and Internet-based business you can work from home.

Then becoming an Independent SEACRET Agent is something you will want to investigate.  As part of one of the fastest growing sales teams globally we work directly with people that are ready to fulfill dreams, create residual income, and live better (more free).

SEACRET is a company with not only amazing products and unlimited opportunity, but one with incredibly supportive leadership that will never lose sight of what the most important thing is—and that’s YOU!

The products SEACRET offers are the face of this organization, but the people are its heart. The Agents that are giving their time to train others, and making sure that we not only share SEACRET’s amazing products, but that we all work together toward one goal, with no separation between corporate and the field.


For only $49US annually…

You get 36% of all products all the time regardless of whether you’re on auto ship or not. **High end skin care NEVER goes on sale anywhere, FYI.  SEACRET skin care products are exclusively manufactured by L’Oreal, the largest cosmetics company in the world, so you can have access to the best-of-the-best at 36% off, as an Agent.

You get access to special collections and product packs unavailable to the general public. 

You can earn income for referring others to the products and services. **SEACRET offers 8 different income streams within their compensation plan ONE of which is residual, so you have the confidence in knowing that as you build your business residual income will follow you…and residual income means freedom.

You get access to full training whether you intend to work full or part time. **SEACRET provides simple, but WORLD CLASS training to not only grow your business, but also the personal development necessary to grow as a person.  With optional live and even streaming training events you will always be motivated, inspired, and educated with trainers that have a vested interest in your success.

You can grow your customer base and business GLOBALLY in all the countries SEACRET operates and expands to (currently at 10+).  **As an Independent Agent you are given a robust ecommerce website that allows you to offer the wide array of SEACRET products around the world.  You never have to touch the products…they take care of all shipping, fulfillment, and product support.  Your role is to simply share the products and opportunity with others.

Ready to join?  It’s quick and simple, 1-2-3.

After you’ve enrolled if you want to schedule a time to chat with someone about getting started quickly, then simply use our contact page to email us and we’ll get it coordinated via phone, app, or Zoom whichever is most convenient for you.